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10 things that bring luck to online casinos.

Everyone without exception wants to be happy, healthy and rich. Many believe that a great role in life is played by luck, especially players at online casinos. Luck must be attracted to their side, for this purpose, and there are talismans – magical things or even animals, which, according to superstition, bring their owners good luck and happiness.

We will tell you about the 10 most popular talismans that bring good luck, health and prosperity in life and big winnings at online casinos.

Lucky pink TOY

Four-leafed clover for good luck at online casinos

Four-leaf clover is a rare variant of the usual three-leaf clover. According to traditional superstition, this plant brings good luck. In today’s world, quadruple-leaf clover is considered a talisman by almost all peoples of the world, but originally its magical powers were mentioned in Irish and Celtic beliefs.

The first three leaves symbolize hope, faith and love, and the fourth brings good luck to the man who found it. So find a four-leaf clover and boldly go play casino – good luck will be on your side.

A horseshoe to protect your home.

Horseshoes have long been considered happy in Europe, and now in many countries around the world. Originally made of iron, a material believed to protect against evil spirits, they were traditionally fastened with seven nails, for seven is the happiest number.

There is a legend of St Dunstan, who lived in the 10th century and worked as a blacksmith before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury. The legend says that one day the devil entered the workshop of Dunstan and asked him to shoe a horse. Dunstan pretended not to recognize him and agreed to help. But instead of nailing the horseshoe to the horse’s hoof, he nailed it to the Devil’s leg, causing him severe pain. Dunstan finally agreed to take off the horseshoe, but only after he got the promise that the Devil would never enter the house if he nailed the horseshoe to the door.

So hang the horseshoe on the door and boldly play your favorite casino gambling online.

Bamboo of happiness

An ornamental plant sold as “bamboo of happiness” has absolutely nothing to do with bamboo. It is a plant of the lily family, Drazensander, which grows in the dark tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Africa. “Bamboo of Happiness” is associated with the eastern practice of feng shui.

Originally, the belief that “bamboo of happiness” brings good luck into the home has spread in China and now around the world.

So buy the “bamboo of happiness”, put it close to you and go to your favorite casino site to gamble.

Money Tree

Many people probably told you that money does not grow on trees, but it does not! A “money tree” (in China it’s a water pajira and in the rest of the world it’s fat) is a plant around which there are many legends and superstitions. Almost all of them have their origins in China.

One of the main legends tells how a fallen poor and unsuccessful farmer once found a very curious plant with wicker trunks. When he examined the plant, he found it to be very hardy and resilient and took it as a lesson – he must also learn to be resilient and strong. From the seed of this wonderful plant, he grew many of these and sold them.

The magic stone is green jade.

Since ancient times, jade has been thought to have great magical power. In China it was a sacred stone, and in Turkey it was a talisman for victory in battle. In addition, its magical properties were recognized by the indigenous peoples of South and North America, Asia and Indonesia.

Nowadays, many talismans are made of it, even in the form of four-leaf clovers to double luck.

The three-coloured cat

In the folklore of many cultures there is the idea that tricolour cats bring good luck. Since Celtic times, people have taken these cats into their homes to bring good luck there. And to this day, people all over the world believe in it.

In the United States, tricolor cats are sometimes called “money cats”.

Maneki neko is luck from Japan.

Maneki neko (from Japanese “tantalizing cat”) is a mascot statue that is often believed in Japan to bring good luck to the owner.

The statuette is depicted as a cat (traditionally a Japanese bobtail), calling for a raised paw. Nowadays, this talisman has gained popularity in China and is usually made of ceramics or plastic.

Three-legged (cash) toad

Money toad (Chang Chu) is a creature from Chinese mythology. It appears during the full moon near houses that will soon receive good news (related to wealth).

Chang Chu is usually portrayed as a frog with red eyes, swollen nostrils and only one hind leg. It sits on a pile of traditional Chinese coins and holds one of its paws in its mouth. In feng shui, the statuette should not be facing the main door (“out”) and should never be stored in the bathroom, bedroom, dining room or kitchen.

Hotei or laughing Buddha

Hotei is the god of well-being, fun and communication in Japanese mythology and is part of the “Seven Gods of Happiness”.

To make your wish come true, you have to rub the figure’s belly 300 times while thinking about your wish. The statue of Hothay should be placed at the entrance door in the hallway in the most visible place.

The Rabbit’s Foot

Some nations wear a rabbit’s foot as an amulet because it is believed to bring good luck. This belief is common in many countries of the world (Europe, Africa, China, North and South America).