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Games with “Live” dealers

What kinds of games with “live” dealers exist?

Currently, games with live dealers are the latest trend in online gambling sector. Such innovative developers spend millions of dollars to produce game content, find talented employees and maintain the studio, but the income from games with live dealers continues to grow – this means that the return on investment will far exceed the original investment.

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Games with live dealers will be interesting to the new public. They have something that connects the online and offline audience. Most millennials have never been to an ordinary casino. They are constantly online surrounded by screens. Thanks to the interactivity of the gameplay, which is not in the slots, games with live dealers give users the opportunity to touch the experience of playing in a traditional casino in their usual conditions.

The older generation, who only played in a traditional casino, has the chance to experience this experience anew, but in a comfortable home environment. Games with live dealers can be a guide for them in online casinos.


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All online casinos have slots, but integrating games with live dealers helps operators stand out. Adding live blackjack, poker and roulette provides much-needed variety. Some developers also offer innovative games. Casino offerings with live dealers can play a crucial role when users choose online casinos.


Communicating with the dealer and other players helps you feel part of a community that does not offer online slots. The more people use the internet to communicate, the less popular single player games become. Therefore, the social component of games with live dealers will become a big advantage.



Some players cannot fully trust games based on random number generator because of the feeling that the result may not be fair. Being able to watch the game with live dealers gives them confidence and a sense of transparency in the result.


Technical breakthroughs such as increased data rates and improved video quality have allowed operators to change games to suit the phone’s screen format. Now players can easily enjoy live blackjack or poker on their mobile devices.


Some developers are trying to push the boundaries and move forward. In addition to adding new features to classic games, they create completely new games adapted to the format with live dealers. Companies like Evolution Gaming offer innovative games such as Monopoly and Deal or No Deal, which can be a great advantage for promoting your brand and attracting new customers. By introducing innovative formats, developers of games with live dealers can change the future of online gambling.


Leading developers and platform operators offering games with live dealers report annual revenue growth.

With the increasing quality and popularity of games with live dealers, operators will benefit more and more from their integration into their online platforms. For all of the above reasons, Live Dealer Games are a necessary addition to online casinos.


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Each online casino offers a different range of slots. However, the most advanced developments in the iGaming sector are moving in a different direction. Games with “live” dealers are becoming increasingly popular (hence, bring more substantial revenues), as operators are increasingly aware of what they should add to their platform.

In the online casino industry, there are several types of games with “live” dealers. The format originated from classic casino games broadcast over the internet, but has since evolved significantly, using modern technologies that can give users a new gaming experience.


Some of the types of games with “live” dealers in online casinos are nothing more than traditional casino games held in a special studio or on one of the floors of the casino with a camera that is installed in front of the dealer. Accelerated data processing and improved video quality resulted in developers being able to broadcast games to users’ devices live. The games with “live” dealers became more popular after the players realized that they now have a social aspect of the gaming experience thanks to the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the dealer and other players.

Card Games

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Many studios with “live” dealers offer some of the most popular live card games. These games include poker, baccarat, blackjack, and a variety of baccarat like Dragon Tiger. In addition, poker can be represented as Texas Hold’em and Stad, and blackjack as Common Draw Blackjack, Early Payout Blackjack and Infinite Blackjack which is available to an unlimited number of players at the table.


Craps and dice duel are two well-known dice games that are usually offered in studio format with “live” dealers. Here you can also find the classic simple game Sic Bo. Many studios also offer American and European versions of roulette, a widely known casino game with a single ball and a rotating wheel. And of course, for those players who love their favorite slots no matter what, some developers offer slots with “live” dealers.


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Studios with “live” dealers actively offer lottery users and other games in a similar style. Bingo, lotto, keno – all of them are released in a “live” format, where players can watch as the dealer announces winning combinations.


Some of the developers have found a way to integrate other iGaming-elements into their products, thus breathing new life into the order of outdated games. For example, Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice added a visual component with stunning quality, and added a random number generator that online slot users are already familiar with. So, after the players have made a bet, a graphical lightning stroke randomly selects one or more of the possible numbers. The multiplier is increased if the player’s number was among the random number generator selected, and after – it turned out to be a winner.


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Some developers use a format with “live” dealers to push the boundaries of what is possible in the online casino industry, preferring to create new trends rather than join existing ones. Instead of limiting themselves to traditional games, they are developing completely new types of games.