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Games with “Live” dealers

What kinds of games with “live” dealers exist? Currently, games with live dealers are the latest trend in online gambling sector. Such innovative developers spend millions of dollars to produce game content, find talented employees and maintain the studio, but the income from games with live dealers continues to grow – this means that the return on investment will far exceed the original investment. 1. FOCUS ON A WIDE AUDIENCE Games with live dealers will be interesting to the new public. They have something that connects the online and offline audience. Most millennials have never been to an ordinary casino. […]

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Card Houses – From Childhood

Which one of us didn’t collect houses of cards when we were kids? These fragile structures kept us chained to the table for hours in search of perfect balance. And how nice it was then an easy movement to destroy the built tower … It was this game has aroused interest in many card games, which there are a lot: bridge, poker, preference, even online blackjack. Where does the tradition of building houses of cards come from? You will be surprised, but the history of their existence has several centuries. Now it is difficult to    say who first came up […]